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If you’re searching for a quick and efficient way of disinfecting your water supply, allowing you access to safe drinking water, UV water filters are the ideal choice to make. Easy-to-install, use and service, they have several benefits over chemical and other types of filtration systems – creating a supply of healthy drinking water for your home.

Here at Direct Water Filters, we have a complete range of Ultraviolet Disinfection Units suitable for a wide range of applications. Standard products can be supplied as single units or as part of a complete water treatment system – so whether you’re looking to fit out a kitchen, bathroom, washroom or multiple water sources, you can feel rest assured that we have everything you need amongst our range.

What Are UV Water Filters/How Do They Work?

UV (‘Ultraviolet’) is a simple and safe technology to disinfect water – as we’re moving towards a more Green-focused economy, UV water filters are seen as an ideal way to treat water without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. UV treatment of water is an extremely effective and cost-effective solution that kills most water-borne viruses and bacteria. Furthermore, they leave no taint in the water in regards to taste, colour or odour – so UV filters are perfect water purification products to use.

Often referred to as a ‘UV steriliser’ or a ‘UV reactor’, a UV water filter is made up from a stainless steel chamber that holds UV lamps which are connected to a controller. The lamps are housed in a waterproof tube made from quartz, offering robust protection.

As water passes through the unit, it is exposed to the high-intensity UV light emitted by the lamps which destroy the DNA within the bacteria cells and viruses. The lamps are manufactured to emit UV light at 40mJ/cm², which is the wavelength that has been long-proven to kill DNA in bacteria cells. The light breaks the DNA chain, stopping the bacteria from growing, effectively killing it.

What Benefits Can Be Gained From UV Filters?

Better quality water treatment – especially when compared to chemicals.

UV purification systems have several benefits over other types of filtration products – the major one being that it provides a chemical-free water treatment solution (compared to treatments such as chlorination). UV treatment does not contain any chemically-active elements, nor does it use heat for treatment. Conversely, treatment chemicals such as chlorine have higher toxicity levels and contributes to a poor-quality of tasting water. Whilst chemical treatments require supervision and maintenance, UV filters don’t need much attention – and they can remove traces of chemicals from the water altogether.

Environmentally (and cost)-friendly.

UV water filters are environmentally friendly – with no chemicals being used, no bioproducts are created which means no potential toxins will find themselves released into the atmosphere. UV treatment is considered an ‘advanced purification system’ as it works to conserve as much water as possible – as opposed to other systems that use as much as they can, effectively wasting it. UV filters are also hardworking and reliable; working for 24-hours to provide everyone in the household with pure, healthy drinking water.


Once the UV filtration system is installed, it will require little maintenance – servicing will only need to be carried out once-a-year to ensure that everything is performing efficiently. Between the periods in which it’s serviced, it’s only likely that the lamp and sleeves will need to be replaced. Thanks to such a minimal upkeep, UV systems can provide a long-term cost-effective option in creating safe drinking water for your home.

UV Water Flirtation Systems From Direct Water Filters.

The high-quality UV water filters that we stock here at Direct Water Filters provide a sleek, compact design that will see it easily fit into your existing plumbing system. All of our products provide economical ultraviolet water treatments for low and medium flow applications in residential and light commercial properties, for the food industry and laboratory environments, as well as inside/accompanying vending machines and reverse osmosis systems.

Why not take a look at our ultraviolet water filter products for yourself? Click on each item for specific information – if you have any questions, then feel free to get in contact with our expert team.

Improve The Quality of Your Home’s Water Supply With Direct Water Filters.

With such a diverse selection of different filtration products to choose from, we understand if you’re feeling spoiled for choice and you’re not such which product is the best water filter for your particular needs.

So if you would like more information regarding our UV water filters available for purchase on our online store, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our friendly and dedicated team will be happy to assist you with your enquiries. Give them a call on 01604 947 839, or alternatively, you send an e-mail to sales@directwaterfilters.co.ukand they’ll get back to you as soon as they can.


BWT S15ND UV System

BWT Domestic UV Water Treatment WRAS approved Ultraviolet Disinfection Units - BWT S Series UV Sy..



BWT S30ND UV System

BWT Domestic UV Water Treatment WRAS Aprroved Ultraviolet Disinfection Units - BWT S Series UV Sy..



BWT S55ND UV System

BWT Domestic UV Water Treatment WRAS approved Ultraviolet Disinfection Units - BWT S Series UV Sy..


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