Private Water Supply
Private Water Filtration Systems

We recommend that a water sample is taken from your own private water supply and analysed under laboratory conditions.
Analysis of the water sample will determine the water quality and level of bacteriological and/or chemical contamination. We offer advice on how to interpret your water test results and which systems specification you need for your home and flow rate. We also strongly advise that a full water analysis is obtained. We can then use the analysis to establish the best water filtration system necessary so that it meets Drinking Water Standards.

Maybe your water does not have bacteriological contamination when it is tested, but we strongly recommend the minimum filtration to install is an Ultra Violet (UV) system and a sediment filtration system. This sediment filter ensures any small particles are removed enabling the UV system to work effectively.

There are many different filtration systems which can be supplied, the most suitable will depend on the whole composition of the water, not just the contaminants. We, therefore, recommend testing for a wide range of parameters and a sample analysis can be viewed on request.

We offer a full range of water treatment systems which include: Turbidity (sediment) reduction, pH correction, Hardness reduction (softener), Nitrate reduction, Heavy metal reduction, Lead reduction, Iron, Manganese & Hydrogen Sulphide reduction,  Organic compound reduction and many more.

Sizing any filtration system will depend on the volume of water being used together with the level of contamination. We can supply a range of products to treat domestic supplies.

Please do not hesitate to telephone us as we are happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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